CMMI in simple business terms

APLN MD Chapter Meeting--March 26th, 2008

What: Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN) MD Chapter and Greater Baltimore SPIN March 2008 Meeting

When: Wednesday March 26th, 2008

Where: Towson University



Hillel Glazer


CMMI is now in it's second stable version (v1.2) and has been in use for over 7 years, yet after thousands of implementations and hundreds of appraisals, what CMMI is all about -- and the business value of implementing CMMI -- continues to allude many organizations. A firm grounding in what CMMI is (and therefore, what it isn't) is key to successfully absorbing the value of what CMMI has to offer.

This presentation communicates all 22 process areas of CMMI in simple business terms so that anyone learning about or using CMMI can be sure that when they open up CMMI to improve their business processes for developing products and services, it really does what it says "on the box."

Who should attend:

Anyone interested in learning about CMMI, why it's important to business and/or just a new way of looking at CMMI that they may not have seen before.

Presenter Bio:

Hillel Glazer is the founder, Principal and CEO of [ Entinex, Inc.], an [ SEI Partner], and has been involved with process improvement since 1988 as an engineering college intern. His technology and management career includes systems, software and manufacturing engineering in the Federal and private sectors. He’s a Certified High Maturity SCAMPI Lead Appraiser, B, & C Team Leader, and a CMMI Instructor. He has extensive experience speaking and writing on Agile+CMMI, is lead author of the SEI Technical Report, "CMMI or Agile: Why Not Embrace Both!", is outspoken in any setting and a champion for change. Hillel organizes the [ Greater Baltimore SPIN], and he is also the author of [] and [].

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