APLN MD Chapter Meeting--May 15th, 2007

Keys to making Agile & CMMI Compatible

When: Tuesday May 15th, 2007

Where: PHH Arval, Sparks Maryland (Directions_To_PHH_Arval)

Topic: A discussion of how to make CMMI agile, and how to appraise agile methods to CMMI. Discussion included a hands-on exercise to demonstrate the compatibility of Agile & CMMI on the same team.

Presenter: Hillel Glazer is the founder, Principal and CEO of Entinex, Inc. His 24-year technology and management career includes systems, software and manufacturing engineering in the Federal and private sectors. He’s an SEI-Authorized SCAMPI A, B, & C Appraiser and Instructor. He's working with the SEI and industry to make CMMI more palatable to and in line with companies using agile development. Hillel is author of CMMIFAQ.info and the agilecmmi.com blog, and is a known figure on CMMI in agile settings.


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