APLN Maryland

This site is for the Maryland Chapter of the Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN). The National APLN group is focused on making people great leaders by focusing on Value, Customers, Teams, Individuals, Context, and Uncertainty. The APLN Maryland Chapter is seeking individuals interested in sharing agile experiences, learning agile practices, and helping people become great project leaders.


APLN-MD meets on... well, it's been rather intermittent. We need more people to get involved to keep things ticking.

Partnership with gbSPIN

In an effort to bring together the best ideas in software and project knowledge we are co-operating with the Greater Baltimore SPIN.

This "grand experiment" comes from the understanding that:


Mailing List

Please join our mailing list to be sure you receive announcements and updates on meetings.

Email to the Chapter

Please send us a note at aplnmd@agilemaryland.org if you have something to tell us that doesn't belong on the list. This is also the address to use when you RSVP for a meeting.

DC APLN chapter

Our sister group in the DC area generally meets in Northern Virginia. For some of us in Maryland, that's a bit difficult to reach. I encourage you to check out what they're doing, though, and attend when you can.

Interesting starting points:


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